Mike Riddle CTI

Mike Riddle CTI

Genesis and Biblical Discernment
• Biblical discernment (1 Thes 5:21-22)
• The importance of the first three chapters of Genesis
• What secular schools are teaching and not teaching
• The situation and a plan of action

Principles of Warfare – Bringing Down Strongholds
1. Know the Enemy
2. Know the mission (Mat 28:19-20)
3. Obedience – Follow Orders (apologetics)
4. Know the Enemy’s Tactics and Strategies (the deception of evolution, control the education system)
5. Train the Troops (9 things our youth need to know)
6. Take the Offensive (Christianity is not a playground it is a battleground)

Equipping Youth for the Battlefield
• A briefing
• Part 1: Our mission (Matthew 28:19-20)
• Part 2: The situation
– Why are so many youth leaving the church?
– The world is out-educating the church
• Part 3: Executing the mission for victory
– The full context of the Gospel
– The BIG 9: what our youth need to learn

Theological Problems with an Old Earth
• The foundation for the Gospel
• A new Hermeneutics
• A desperate attempt to reconcile the Bible with the world
• The character of God
• Did Jesus tell the truth?
• Can we trust the genealogies?
• Logic and the order of events
• Starting points (the Bible or science)
• Common interpretations

The Social Justice Movement, CRT and the Bible
• Part 1: Know the enemy
• Part 2: Laying the foundation for destruction
• Part 3: Social Justice movement
• Part 4: Critical Race Theory (CRT)
• Part 5: CRT, SJ, BLM and the Bible

Aliens, UFOs and the Bible
• Why the search for extraterrestrial life?
• Creation and time
• What people are believing
• Hollywood
• Area 51: aliens or secret aircraft
• Science and logic
• The Bible, creation and salvation
• The great deceiver
• Four conclusions

Answers to Challenges
• Distant starlight
• How do you fit dinosaurs into the Bible?
• We should not let the age of the earth divide us. We should join together in unity and fight against evolution.
• Should Christians push to have creation taught in public schools?
• The story about Noah and the Flood was borrowed (copied) from earlier stories such as the account of Gilgamesh. We know this because there are so many similarities between the two stories.
• Adam did not die the day he ate the forbidden fruit as God said he would. Therefore, it must mean spiritual death only.
• God could have used evolution.
• You can’t believe both the Bible and science because they are in conflict.

Building A Winning Sunday School Program
• What is Christian education?
• A hard fact
• The primary purpose of Sunday school
• 7 issues affecting Sunday school quality
• Qualifications for teaching
• Things to consider
• Classroom dynamics
• Teaching to change lives

Refuting Human Evolution
• The Bible
• The 1% DNA myth
• A case study
• No mechanism for change
• A history of mistakes
• The incredible human body

Critical Thinking Skills and Tactics
• A biblical mandate
• Evolutionists tactics
• Three critical thinking questions
• A power question
• Fuzzy words and magic words
• Red-flag words
• A tactic
• Analyzing statements

Genesis and the Sovereignty of God
• A theme of the Bible
• Part 1: establishing the foundation
• Part 2: the Gospel
• Part 3: Genesis: a key to understanding end times
• Part 4: the battle for sovereignty – the long war against God

Biblical Apologetics 101
• Who did Cain Marry?
• How could the first three days of creation be literal days if the sun was not created until day 4?
• How could Adam name all the animals in one day?
• 2 Peter 3:8 teaches the days of creation could be long ages
• The Bible is outdated.
• Teaching creation is too divisive. We should keep to the main doctrines.
• The Bible does not teach how God created, therefore He could have used the big bang

Why the Bible is True
• The necessity of a Creator God
• The claims of the Bible
• Do and Done
• Prophecy
• The Bible agrees with reality
• The failure of evolution
• A matter of salvation

The Problem and Evil and a Good God
• One of Christianity’s biggest challenges
• How to define evil
• Did God create evil?
• Is God to blame for evil?
• The atheist’s four-part challenge
• The Christian’s response
• Why does God evil to continue?

The Biblical Age of the Earth
• Rules for biblical interpretation
• How great is your trust in God’s Word?
• Understanding the days of creation
• The word “day” can have many meanings
• Identifying Hebrew poetry
• Why dinosaurs refute evolution and an old earth

Children’s Talks (grades 1-6)
• Dinosaurs and the Bible
• God’s amazing creation

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