Communication and Teaching Skills

Course Goal
The goal of this course is to reinforce and enhance the Christian speaker and educator with quality instructional and communication methods. The knowledge and skills gained will help equip speakers and educators to engage audiences and students in a manner that maximizes knowledge, application and growth.

Course Format
Class hours: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Class Interaction
Breaks each hour
Lunch break (1:15 minutes)
Written exercises
   • Four presentation workshops
   • One teaching workshop

 Course Length: 3 days

Maximum number of attendees: 8
Course Objective
At the completion of this course, you will be able to demonstrate both speaking and teaching skills that meet or exceed the given course quality standards in verbal and nonverbal communications.

Course Quality Standards for Success

 Level 1 Standard: Successful Course Completion
The standard for successful completion in this course is based upon the criteria listed in the evaluation forms for speaking and teaching. This standard is set at an overall score of 80% or better.

Level 2 Standard: Improvement
The standard for improvement does not mean successful course completion but does measure a level of success based upon the improvement of the student.

Course Outline
Chapter 1: Communication skills  [Page 6]
Introduction Presentation
The biblical worldview
Rules 1, 2, and 3
Some guidelines
Communication skills
      • Nonverbal
The “Be’s” and some concerns
Goals and objectives
Human animatronics
Motivation Quotient (MQ)
Annoying issues
Visual aides
Q & A time
Workshop 1: Presentation

Chapter 2: The Need for Well-Equipped Christian Speakers and Educators [Page 25]
Biblical warnings about education
Education and the next generation
Conditioning through the education system
Education organizations
Public education and the media
What schools teach and don’t teach
Alarming statistics
America: a nation in change
The church’s response
What the church must do

Chapter 3: Teaching skills and methods  [Page 41]
Education surveys
What is teaching?
What is Christian education?
Levels of learning
The Christian educator’s job description
Professional education standards
Measuring a teacher’s success
The 80% goal
Methods of accountability
Teacher vs facilitator

 Chapter 4: Building a winning Sunday school program  [Page 61]
A hard fact
The primary purpose of Sunday school
Eight issues affecting Sunday school quality
Clarifying the win
Qualifications for teaching
The importance of training teachers
Things to consider
Classroom dynamics
Teaching to change lives
What about the youth program?

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