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Basic Creation Training Course

Basic-Creation-CourseA one-day course designed to prepare Christians to speak about and defend the biblical account of creation with confidence and be better equipped to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Target Audience
Ninth grade and above  (A great course for getting your high school student trained to defend their faith)

This course is certified for one Continuing Education Unit (CEU) for Christian school teachers

Course Description and Goal
To prepare Christians to be able to speak about and defend the biblical account of creation with confidence and be better equipped to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Instructional Method/Format
Lecture, class participation, and exercises

A Promo of CTI’s Basic Creation Training Course

Course Length
1 day (8:30 – 5:30)

Course Cost
$45 per student

Course Outline

Chapter 1: The Bible and Time
What is the Gospel?
Biblical warnings – false teachers
–  4 essentials for understanding Scripture
    . Biblical worldview
    . Be sanctified
    . Hermeneutics
    . Prayer
– 4 important principles
    . The authority of Scripture
    ‘ The words of Jesus
    . The foundation for the Gospel
    . The character of God
– Handling objections
    . 2 Peter 3:8
    . Plant death before the Fall
    . The gap theory
    . Genesis 2:4
    . Genesis is not real history
– Did God use evolution?
– Chapter challenges

Chapter 2: The Genesis Flood
The Bible and the Genesis Flood
– The Flood and hermeneutics
– The Flood and critical thinking
– The Flood and the New Testament
–  The Flood and geology
– The Flood and the fossil record
– Chapter challenges

Chapter 3: Biblical Apologetics
What is apologetics?
Critical thinking and evolution
– Who did Cain marry?
– How can the first three days be literal days without the sun?
– How could Adam name all the animals in one day?
– How could Noah fit all the creatures on the Ark?
– Chapter challenges

Chapter 4: dismantling the Four Pillars of Evolution
– (1) Cosmological evolution (the origin of the universe)
– (2) Chemical evolution (the origin of life)
– (3) Biological evolution (Darwinian evolution)
– (4) Methods used to date rocks and fossils
– Chapter challenges

Chapter 5: Application – Answering Challenges
– The Big Five: Course challenges
– Answering 10 real-life challenges

Q and A about CTI Courses

What courses does CTI offer?
We currently offer three courses:
1. Basic Creation Training (teens and above)
2. Christian Teacher Training (anyone with a desire to speak or teach about creation)
3. Advanced Creation Apologetics (the next step in Christian evangelism)

What is the cost to the church?
The cost of the course is $300 for the church.

How does this work?
We charge by individual student. $45 for adults and $25 for teens

Where Does CTI offer these courses?
We come to your church or location. We ask that a church sponsor the course by providing a classroom, advertising the course within the church, and providing a local contact person to help with coordination.

Can people from other churches attend?
Yes. CTI will advertise the course to other local churches, Christian schools, and home school groups.

How long are the courses and what do they cost?
The Basic Creation Training and Christian Teacher Training courses are 1-day courses running from 8:30 to 5:30.

What does this cost include?
The cost of the course includes a student manual (about 100 pages long), lunch, and snacks.

Are these courses certified through anyone?
Yes. All our courses are certified through ACSI (Association of Christian Educators International) for Continuing Education Units.

How do I see about having one of these courses at my church?
Contact CTI: info@CreationTraining


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