How do dinosaurs fit into the Bible?

A common challenge is how do dinosaurs fit into the Bible.

The best evidence is the Bible. God created man and land animals (which included dinosaurs) on day 6 of His creation. This means dinosaurs and people lived at the same time.

Additional evidences include:

  • Dinosaur soft tissue still with the bones
  • Unfossilized dinosaur bones
  • Proteins found with the bones
  • Red blood cells found with the bones
  • DNA fragments found in the bones (which should last a maximum of about 10,000 years)
  • Carbon-14 in the bones (should last a max of about 100,000 years)

All these are observable evidences that refute the idea  out 65 million years ago.

In addition:
In Job 40 there is a good description of a dinosaur called behemoth. It is described as:

  • Having large bones and a large tail like a cedar tree.
  • This is not an alligator
  • It is not a description of an elephant or a hippopotamus
  • The description resembles that of a dinosaur.

How do dinosaurs fit into the Bible?

  God created them on day six with man about 6,000 years ago.

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