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Creation Apologetics Teachers College 2017

CK9A71892017 Creation College was a Success
Stay tuned for 2018 Creation Apologetics Teachers College

Learn to speak and teach on biblical creation and apologetics. In this course you will receive instruction on the seven steps it takes to become an effective speaker and teacher on creation apologetics.

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Learn the 7 steps to become an effective creation speaker/teacher.

1. Knowledge of God’s creation
2. Knowledge of origins science
3. Knowledge of apologetics
4. Communication and teaching skills
5. Organizational skills
6. How to answer questions and challenges
7. Critical thinking skills

Course Outline below

Glorieta Conference Center, Glorieta, NM

The course is held at the Glorieta Conference Center, Glorieta, NM Glorieta.org. The conference center is 28 miles from the Santa Fe airport and 80 miles from the Albuquerque airport. 

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Who should attend: The course is designed for college age and above.
Date: August 14-19, 2017
Enrollment: The class is limited to 60 students.
For more information: Info@CreationTraining.org

CK9A7307All topics are covered in an interactive classroom format. In addition, each topic will include background information plus methods for teaching the subject. Workshops are included to enhance the learning process. Workshops consist of two 3-5 minute presentations, written exercises, one 3 minute defense presentation where each student must respond to a verbal challenge on a specific topic, and a written final exam.



“Your course is the best I’ve ever taken, even better than seminary!
Your teaching is so relevant and effective. It really works!”
Joniva, New Mexico READ MORE


We are looking forward to hosting our fourth Creation Apologetics Teachers College in 2017. However, for each course we must raise $31,000. To date we have raised $21,000. Please consider financially supporting the equipping of Christians to go to the battleground.


Testimony: CTI’s 5-day Creation Apologetics Teachers College
Question: “Would you endorse this course as a worthwhile way to spend a summer week?”
Answer: Matthew, Pastor

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Course Outline

Monday evening

Introduction to biblical creation and apologetics


The days of creation, sin and death
Handling objections to a literal 6-day creation
Workshop: group presentations
Basic apologetics – part 1
Basic apologetics – part 2
Introduction to presuppositional apologetics
Communication and teaching skills


Student presentations (3-5 minutes each)
Why the Bible is true
Genesis Flood and the Bible
Genesis Flood and the fossil record


Advanced apologetics – part 1
Life-long learning tools (critical thinking skills)
Discernment and the emergent church movement
Workshop: defense presentation
Advanced apologetics – part 2


Student presentations (3-5 minutes each)
Advanced apologetics – part 3 (the rights fight)
Defense of biblical marriage
Dinosaurs and the Bible (a talk for children)
A critique of evolution (mutations and natural selection)
Defending the sanctity of human life


Dating methods: carbon-14 and assumptions
Course review
Final exam

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Today with all the opposition to Christianity there is a great need to equip Christians with the ability to know, share and defend God’s Word. The Creation Apologetics Teachers College is a course that fills this need. Support the 2017 Creation Apologetics Teachers College   “This has been the best week of Bible lectures I …

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