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MicraphoneCTI media that will be growing more over time.
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Creation Training Broadcast

#1 Did God Use Evolution?(Basic Creation Training Course) Many church leaders and Christians today believe God used evolution as part of His creation process. Many Christians have been influenced by the world and because of this influence there seems to be a lack of faith or trust in the plain reading of God’s Word. But …

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A Promo of CTI’s Basic Creation Training Course Lean more about this Course Download this video to show to your church. The latest of Mike’s Video Click Here A Promo of CTI’s Basic Creation Training Course Sam Rotman Concert Pianist Mike doing a 5 minute talk on Biblical Discernment and Evolution Mike Riddle with a …

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Audio Talks

FREE AUDIO DOWNLOADS Help Support CTI through your donations.   Listen to Mikes latest Podcast on iTunes.     “Battle for the Next Generation”  Mike did this talk in the Boise, ID area in Sept. 2016. Listen here The Second Upper Room (52 minutes)  A powerful biblical-based presentation by Mike Riddle that exposes the march …

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FREE download of PowerPoint slides Worldview Training (Slides) God Created the Earth in 6 days Authority of Scripture Biblical Worldview Worldview Weekend Battle for Next Generation Worldview Weekend Refuting God Used Evolution Aliens UFOs and the Bible (7/2017) A Briefing Armies and Nurseries The Bible-Geology-Time 4 Power Questions to Ask an Evolutionist Are Apes and …

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