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We are now accepting names for the wait list and for 2015

Phone:   (859) 250-7987

Course Itinerary & Schedule

DVD-GBDNew DVD by Mike Riddle: Genesis and Biblical Discernment

-“A great teaching tool for Christians”
-“Excellent for showing in Sunday School”
-“I finally understand the full Gospel of Jesus Christ”


Topics Include

-Powerful biblical evidence for a literal 6-day creation
-How to refute the idea that God used evolution.
-What is really being taught in our public schools?
-Why are so many of our Christian youth leaving the church?
-A powerful conclusion about facing our Goliath

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“Basic Creation Training Course”

ADV-Creation-CourseNew updated Advanced Creation Apologetics course

Take the next step in evangelism and creation education.


-Laying the Foundation: The Need for Apologetics
-Life-Long Learning Tools
-The Value of Asking Good Questions
-The Moral Argument for God for the Twenty-First Century (MAG 21)
-Does God Exist?
-Knowing How to Answer Questions about Rights
-The Gospel, Apologetics, and Evangelism

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Other courses by CTI

It’s All About Education: Learn how to become part of the solution

  • Why is it that Christian youth are not prepared for the challenges against their faith in public schools and universities?
  • Why are Christian universities and seminaries not doing their job?
  • Why is 1 Peter 3:15 not adhered to in many churches and Christian schools?
  • How to become part of the solution.
  • In June 2014, CTI will be hosting a five-day Teacher Apologetics College.

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Learn how to answer the following 10 challenges to biblical authority when you enroll in our Basic Creation Training course.

  1. What difference does it make if the earth is old or young?
  2. Would it really make any difference if God used evolution? It’s really not a salvation issue.
  3. My biology teacher said he is a Christian and he doesn’t have a problem with evolution.
  4. Is the big bang compatible with the Bible?
  5. My professor said natural selection is a fact and Christians just need to accept evolution is true.
  6. How reliable are the dating methods used to date fossils and rocks?
  7. Why does God allow death and suffering?
  8. My Sunday school teacher said we can’t really know how long the days of creation were. He also said 2 Peter 3:8 teaches the days could have been long periods of time.
  9. My pastor taught last week that the Genesis Flood wasn’t really a worldwide flood.
  10. My youth pastor said we should focus more on building relationships and knowing the Gospel and let the scientists worry about origins.

Phone:   (859) 250-7987

Equipping the Church
CTI currently offers three courses to help prepare Christians to defend their faith against the teaching of evolution.

Q and A about CTI Courses

What courses does CTI offer?
We currently offer three courses:
1. Basic Creation Training (teens and above)
2. Christian Teacher Training (anyone with a desire to speak or teach about creation)
3. Advanced Creation Apologetics (the next step in Christian evangelism)

What is the cost to the church?
The courses are FREE for the church.

How does this work?
We charge by individual student.

Where Does CTI offer these courses?
We come to your church or location. We ask that a church sponsor the course by providing a classroom, advertising the course within the church, and providing a local contact person to help with coordination.

Can people from other churches attend?
Yes. CTI will advertise the course to other local churches, Christian schools, and home school groups.

How long are the courses and what do they cost?
The Basic Creation Training and Christian Teacher Training courses are 1-day courses running from 8:30 to 5:30 and cost $45 per student. The Advanced Creation Apologetics is a 1 ¼ day course and cost $65 per student.

What does this cost include?
The cost of the course includes a student manual (about 100 pages long), lunch, and snacks.

Are these courses certified through anyone?
Yes. All our courses are certified through ACSI (Association of Christian Educators International) for Continuing Education Units.

How do I see about having one of these courses at my church?
Contact CTI:

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