Creation Apologetics Teachers College 2018 Sholarship

Scholarship Essay Contest

Earn a scholarship to attend the
Creation Apologetics Teachers College
August 6-11, 2018

Sponsored by Creation Training Initiative and generous supporters
Scholarship includes the full student tuition ($570) to attend the 5-day course
*** Top three essays receive a full scholarship ($570) ***

How to Enter
Write an essay, 450 words or less, on the following challenge:
“What should Christian high school students be taught about creation?”

Applicants must be 18 years or older
Essays must be 450 words or less
All essays must be received by May 1st
Winners will be announced May 15th

There are many areas that can be included in this topic. Responses should be concise and brief
(450 words or less).

The course will be held at the Glorieta Christian Conference Center in Glorieta, NM (near Santa Fe), August 6-11.
The Creation Apologetics Teachers College, a 5-day course, is designed to equip Christians with the 7 steps to become an effective speaker/teacher on biblical creation and apologetics

1. Knowledge of creation
2. Knowledge of origins science
3. Knowledge of apologetics
4. Communication skills
5. Organization skills
6. How to answer questions and challenges
7. Critical thinking skills

Where to send essays
Included with your essay should be:
Phone number

For more information about the course.


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