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The Vision of Creation Training Initiative

A teacher in every Christian school and church
who can teach biblical creation and apologetics

The World Is Out-Educating the Church


  • A recent Gallup Poll showed that 59 percent of Picture1Americans now view gay or lesbian relations as “morally acceptable.”

  • Less than 10% of Christian students have a biblical worldview.

  • Atheist camps for youth are springing up all across America.

  • In 2013, over 13,000 church leaders celebrated Charles Darwin’s birthday.

  • 70% of Christian youth are leaving the church before they finish school.Picture4

  • Our Christian universities are not doing their job of preparing new teachers to teach biblical creation and apologetics.



Christian Youth

  • Picture5Our youth do not know how to defend the sanctity of human life.

  • Our youth do not know how to defend biblical marriage between one man and one woman.

  • Our youth do not know how to defend the words “In the beginning God created.”

  • Many of our Christian youth are unable to present and defend the Gospel.





“College is a war zone for young believers
who are not prepared for the battle of their faith.”

Randy Douglass, (Ph.D., Professor of Ministry), “Closing the Back Door: The Need for Christian Education”, www.normgeisler.com/articles, Oct 21, 2009.

  • There is no room for apathy.

  • There is no room for compromise.

  • There is no room for playing patty cake with the devil.

 “In fact, Secular Humanism is the dominant worldview in our secular colleges and universities. It has also made gains in many Christian colleges and universities…. Humanists recognize the classroom as a powerful context for indoctrination.”

David Noebel (President of Summit Ministries), The Battle for Truth, 2001, pp. 6-7.

We Need an Army of Christian Educators

How can this be done?

This can be accomplished by training many other Christians with the knowledge and skills to teach biblical creation and apologetics (biblical discipleship).

CTI offers training courses in biblical creation, apologetics and teaching skills. We have a three-part strategy.

First Stage Strategy: Create and present one day courses [completed]

  • Basic Creation Training

  • Christian Teacher Training

  • Advanced Creation Apologetics

Second Stage Strategy

  • Create a 5-day course that will equip others to speak and teach about creation and apologetics. [first offering completed June 2014]

  • Produce and post short (5-30 minute) video for free viewing on our website. [completed and ongoing]

  • Develop a Sunday school video-based course on biblical creation. [in progress]

Third Stage Strategy

  • Produce special “equipping” courses for Christian students attending public schools. [funding and developers needed]

  • Hire a second instructor. [funding needed]


The cost of doing nothing is great!

Help support CTI’s Vision through your prayers and donations


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