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Christian Educators Conference

The goal of this course is to establish the importance of the creation/evolution and moral relativism issues and why we need well-trained teachers who are equipped to teach about these subjects from a biblical worldview.
This course provides an overview of the necessary skills and knowledge necessary to teach about biblical creation, evolution, and apologetics.

A great course for learning how to train students to defend their faith.


Target Audience

College age and above

Instructional Method and Format

Lecture, class participation, and exercises

Course Length
A day (8:30 – 5:30)

Course Cost
$35 (includes the full day of training, a student manual and lunch)

Course Outline
Session 1: Teaching a Biblical Worldview
Words have meaning
Two dominate worldviews
Biblical worldview case study
Why is the world attacking Genesis?
What is Christian education?
The education wars

Session 2: Life-Long Learning Tools (Critical Thinking Methods)
Common evolutionist’s tactics
The critical thinking method
    • Three critical thinking questions
    • A power question
Words have meaning
    • Fuzzy words
    • Magic words
Red-flag words and statements
Responding to red-flag statements

Session 3: Why the Origin of Life is a Showstopper for Evolutionists
Two possibilities
A quick review of chemistry
Attempts to create life
    • The Miller experiment
    • The problem with oxygen
    • The problem with no oxygen
    • The problem with water
Amino acids and life

Session 4: Teaching about the Bible, Creation and Time
The issue of time
Tools for understanding
    • Discernment
    • Hermeneutics
What does “day” in Genesis 1 mean?
The character of God and time
Literal versus non-literal interpretation
Handling an objection – 2 Peter 3:8

Session 5: Teaching about the Fossil Record
The Cambrian explosion
A quiz – living fossils
Fossil graveyards
If evolution were true what should we find?
A critical thinking question

Session 6: Teaching Students to Defend Their Faith
What is apologetics?
The purpose of apologetics
Jesus, Paul and apologetics
Why we must know and practice apologetics
Results of not teaching apologetics
Answering three challenges
    • Who did Cain marry?
    • How could the first three days of creation be literal days if the sun was not created until day 4?
    • How could Adam name all the animals in one day?

Session 7: An Overview of Dating Methods
4 things we must know
Geology and time
Conflicting ages
Evidences for a young earth

Session 8: Moral Relativism in Education
What is moral relativism?
Effects of moral relativism
Effects of moral relativism
Three flaws of moral relativism
Responding to moral relativists’ statements
Case study: Moral relativism in the church

Session 9: Four Essentials to Teach about Dinosaurs
Where did dinosaurs come from?
    • The standard story
    • The standard story and the Bible
    • The evidence
When did dinosaurs live?
    • The standard story
    • Drawings and dinosaurs
    • Amazing discoveries
    • Carbon-14 and dinosaurs
    • If dinosaurs evolved what should we find?
What happened to the dinosaurs?
Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?

Session 10: Putting It All Together – Educating for Success
A job description
Measuring the success of a teacher
The 80% goal
The Timed Check Point (TCP)
Jesus and teaching
How well are churches doing with educating people?
The end result

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