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Teacher Training Course

Teacher-CourseChristian Teacher Training
(Making Christian Education Life-Changing)

 Target Audience:
Christian Educators (An excellent course for getting Sunday school teachers trained to be dynamic teachers and facilitators)

Course Description and Goal
The goal of this course is to equip Christians with the communication skills and instructional methods to enhance the learning and application of knowledge. The focus of the class is both on instructional methods and biblical creation.

Instructional Method/Format
Lecture, class participation, and exercises

Course Length
1 day (8:30 – 5:30)

Course Cost
$45 per student

Course Outline

What does the Bible have to say about teaching?
What is teaching?
How should we define our success as a teacher?
A key to learning
A challenge to parents and the church
Communication skills that enhance learning
Primary relationships that impact our teaching
The “What” relationship
– Subject
– Content
– Standards
The “Who” relationship
The “How” relationship
– Communications skills
– Methods of teacing
– Motivation Quotient
– Encouragement
– Facilitation skills
– Use of illustrations

Educating for success
The 80% model
Educating for success
– The use of repetition
– The Timed Check Point
Methods for teaching biblical creation and apologetics (application section)
Life-long learning tools
– Three critical thinking questions
– A question about fossils
– A power question
– Fuzzy words and magic words
– Red-flag words
– Words and definitions
The Bible and creation
– The importance of the book of Genesis
– The Bible and time
– Handling objections
– The Genesis Flood
– Did God use evolution?
– The Gospel and creation
Understanding the basics of science
– Foundations
– Dinosaurs
– Practical apologetics
– Asking questions
– Understanding logical fallacies
– Understanding presuppositions
Methods for answering questions and challenges (more application)
Jesus and the scribes
The cost of bluffing
End on a positive
Be clear, concise and brief
Things that hinder learning
The number one complaint by students
Distractors (teacher and environment)
False assumptions
Lack of explanation
Lack of motivation
Too much lecture
Being put on the spot
Unnecessary assignments (busy-work)
The Sunday hour of training
What is the purpose of Sunday school?
Who should teach?
Passing the opinion plate
The 55 minute guideline
The syllabus
Rewarding success

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