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Advanced Apologetics Course

This course is designed to provide the Christian with biblical tools that can be used in discussions with nonbelievers. Students will learn to use questioning techniques and presupppositional apologetics for breaking down the strongholds of evolution and moral relativism.




Course Format: Lecture, class participation, and exercises
Target Audience:
High school and above
Course Length: 1 day ( 8:30 – 5:30)
Course Cost $45 for adults, $25 for teens (includes manual, lunch and snacks)

Course Outline

Chapter 1: The Need for Apologetics

  • Truth under attack
  • Biblical warnings
  • The prevailing winds
  • The purpose and mandate of apologetics
  • Chapter challenges

Chapter 2: Presuppositions and Worldviews

  • What is a worldview?
  • Understanding terms
  • Identifying assumptions
  • Proof and persuasion
  • What is a presupposition?
  • Two presuppositions (atheism and a Creator God)
  • Analyzing three claims
  • Chapter challenges

Chapter 3: The Moral Argument (right and wrong)

  • Why know this subject?
  • Moral relativism: effects and flaws
  • Christianity’s greatest challenge
  • The problem of evil
    • What is it?
    • Where did it come from?
  • The atheists challenge
    • Negative case apologetics
    • Positive case apologetics

Chapter 4: Apologetics and Critical Thinking Skills

  • Critical thinking and education
  • Critical thinking questions
  • A power question
  • Fuzzy words and magic words
  • Red-flag words
  • Fuzzy terms and labels
  • Q & A time: The value of asking good questions

Chapter 5: Case Study: Does the Age of the Earth Matter?

  • Facts about the Bible
  • The character of God
  • Rules of interpretation
  • God the Creator
  • Using science as our authority
  • Logic, Science and God
    • The Problem of evil
    • Death
  • More facts about the Bible
  • A strong conclusion

Chapter 6: Evidences for the Existence of God

  • Two evidences
    1. The existence of the Universe
    2. The evidence from design and complexity in life
  • Chapter challenges

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