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Advanced Apologetics Course

ADV-Creation-CourseAdvanced Creation Apologetics Course

Course Description
This course is designed to provide the Christian with biblical tools that can be used in discussions with nonbelievers. Students will learn to use questioning techniques and presupppositional apologetics for breaking down the strongholds of evolution and moral relativism.

Course Format: Lecture, class participation, and exercises

Target Audience: High school and above

Course Length: 1 day ( 8:30 – 5:30)

Course Cost $45 per student (includes manual, lunch and snacks)

Course Outline
Chapter 1: The Need for Apologetics

– Truth under attack
– Biblical warnings
– The prevailing winds
– Apologetics for the 21st Century (Peter and Paul)
– Biblical mandates
– The purpose of apologetics
– Components of a biblical worldview
– Chapter challenges

Chapter 2: Presuppositionalism

– Proof and persuasion
– What is a presupposition?
– Two presuppositions (Atheism and a Creator God)
– Logic and assumptions
– Chapter challenges

Chapter 3: The Moral Argument (right and wrong)
– Moral relativism or moral absolutes
– The flaw of moral relativism
– Negative case apologetics – the defense
– Positive case apologetics – the offense
– Why do bad things happen to good people?
– Chapter challenges
Chapter 4: Life-Long Learning Tools
– Critical thinking questions
– Understanding definitions
– Fuzzy words and magic words
– Red-flag words
– Chapter challenges

Chapter 5: The Value of Good Questions

– Five reasons for asking questions
– Answering questions with questions
. Do you believe in evolution?
. How old do you think the earth is?
. How could people live to be 900 years old?
– Class workshop

Chapter 6: Evidences for the Existence of God

– Background – some common challenges
– A premise
– Four evidences
1) Cosmological evidence
2) Design
3) The existence of non-material entities
4) The reality of God’s Word
– Conclusion
– Chapter challenges
Chapter 7: The Cost of Neutrality
– Apathy
– What is the Gospel?
– Responding to statements that affect the Gospel
– Can the church be neutral
– Filling the VOID
– Final Challenge

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