Training Courses

Creation Training Initiative
Equipping and Training Christians to Teach Biblical Truth

CTI currently offers three 1-day training courses and one 5-day course.
1. Basic Creation Training  (teens and above)
2. Advanced Creation Apologetics
3. Christian Educators Conference

For information on the 5-day course (Creation Apologetics Teachers College)

Questions Answered
Where do you teach your courses?
CTI will come to your location (church, business,…)

How much does it cost to have a course at our church?
The cost to the church/organization to sponsor a course is $300. We also charge a course fee which the students pay to attend. The cost per student is: $45 for adults and $25 for teens. This fee includes a student manual, lunch and snacks.
We do ask that the church supply a room and help advertise within the church and or community.

How do I go about getting a course for my church?
Contact CTI by phone or email (859-250-7987, CTI will then contact the person in charge (pastor, education pastor, or person in charge of hosting the event) and discuss some specific details such as how students pay, how people register, classroom setup, lunch setup,…).

Are your courses certified?
All three of our courses are certified through ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) for one Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

Q and A about CTI Courses

Q&A02Where Does CTI offer these courses?
We come to your church or location. We ask that a church sponsor the course by providing a classroom, advertising the course within the church, and providing a local contact person to help with coordination.

Can people from other churches attend?
Yes. CTI will advertise the course to other local churches, Christian schools, and home school groups.

How long are the courses and what do they cost?
The three 1-day courses run from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

How do I see about having one of these courses at my church?
Contact CTI
Phone: (859) 250-7987

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CTI Courses Registration

Register for a Course near you. To schedule a course at your location, contact CTI Location Course Date To register Boise, ID Heritage Bible Church Basic Creation Training Jan 20, 2018 Register Aurora, CO Hope Lutheran Church 1345 Macon St., Aurora, CO Advance Creation Apologetics Feb 3, 2018 Register Bethlehem Lutheran Church 515 SW Seventh …

Basic Creation Training Course

A one-day course designed to prepare Christians to speak about and defend the biblical account of creation with confidence and be better equipped to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Target Audience Ninth grade and above  (A great course for getting your high school student trained to defend their faith) Certification This course is certified for …

Advanced Apologetics Course

This course is designed to provide the Christian with biblical tools that can be used in discussions with nonbelievers. Students will learn to use questioning techniques and presupppositional apologetics for breaking down the strongholds of evolution and moral relativism.       Course Format: Lecture, class participation, and exercises Target Audience: High school and above …

Christian Educators Conference

The goal of this course is to establish the importance of the creation/evolution and moral relativism issues and why we need well-trained teachers who are equipped to teach about these subjects from a biblical worldview. This course provides an overview of the necessary skills and knowledge necessary to teach about biblical creation, evolution, and apologetics. …

Creation Apologetics Teachers College 2018

Registration Form Scholarship Opportunity Consider attending the 5th Creation Apologetics Teachers College Spend an amazing week with like-minded Christians who uphold the authority of Scripture.   Learn the 7 steps to become an effective creation speaker/teacher.  1. Knowledge of God’s creation 2. Knowledge of origins science 3. Knowledge of apologetics 4. Communication and teaching skills …