Sanctity of Human Life – Education Course

Sanctity of Human Life - Education CourseCTI is developing a teaching DVD on the Sanctity of Human Life. This will be a video-based course for Christian school teachers, youth pastors, Bible study groups, parents and anyone who wants to defend the pro-life stance.

Our goal is to make The Sanctity of Human Life Education Course a complete package that will equip Christians with the knowledge and resources to defend the pro-life position and be able to teach others.

We still need to raise $16,000 of the $20,000 to complete the development and production of this course.




New York Times best-selling author, Randy Alcorn, responds to these questions:

Does life begins at implantation?


Is the baby a part of the woman’s body?


Joseph Kezele, M.D., Professor of Genetics and Human Anatomy, responds to these questions:

Is the product of fertilization just a “blob” of cells?


Does the destruction of the egg or sperm terminate life?


Here is an outline with the topics that will be taught:


Session 1: The Bible and Forgiveness

  • Abortion is a sensitive and emotional subject
  • The Bible teaches compassion not condemnation
  • God’s grace and mercy

Session 2: The Facts

  • Supreme Court decisions
  • The basics – getting the facts straight
  • Some statistics
  • Why do women have abortions?
  • Some common myths
  • Two key arguments
  1. The argument for truth
  2. The argument for human value
  • The real debate issue
    • Recognizing assumptions in the debate
    • The debate is not about pro-life or pro-choice
    • What is the unborn: human or not fully human?

Session 3: The Bible

  • When does life begin?
  • Challenges
    • The theological case for abortion
    • The Bible is silent on abortion, therefore you cannot argue the Bible is against abortion.
    • The Bible uniquely defines a person by the Hebrew word “nephesh”, therefore we are not human until we take our first breath.
    • The Bible (Exodus 21:22-25) teaches the penalty for killing the fetus is less than for killing the mother.
    • Christians are just trying to impose their religion.
  • A bad argument used to support pro-life

Session 4: Science and Human Life

  • Terminology
  • When does life begin (myths and scientific facts)
  • What the scientific evidence reveals about the unborn
  • A timeline
  • Arguments and bad science
  • Pain and the unborn

Session 5: Experiments, Birth Control and Abortion

  • Fetal experiments
  • Adolf Hitler and Margret Sanger
  • RU-486, the Ella drug and the IUD
  • What about miscarriage?
  • What about tubal pregnancy?
  • Partial birth abortion
  • Statements from abortion clinic workers

Session 6: Stem Cells

  • What are stem cells
  • Embryonic stem cells
  • Adult stem cells

Session 7: Getting to the Heart of the Issue

  • How to communicate the pro-life issue
  • How to defend the pro-life view

Session 8: Challenges and Answers

  • The product of fertilization just a “blob” of cells?
  • A fetus isn’t viable since it is totally dependent on the mother to live.
  • No one knows when life begins. There are many arguments for when life begins.
  • Doesn’t the mother have the right to control her own body?
  • It’s the woman’s body and the fetus is part of her.
  • What about a woman whose life is in danger?
  • The embryo and the embryonic period (human life) begin at implantation (6 – 10 days)
  • Many more…

Session 9: Tactics Abortionists Use in Discussions

  1. Opposing a proposition by misrepresenting it
  2. Diverting to a side issue
  3. Enhancing a position by claiming compromise
  4. The ad hominid argument
  5. Arguing using a straw man fallacy
  6. Using proof by selected incidences
  7. Making statements in which “all” is implied but “some” is true
  8. Simply restating without defending the merit of the position

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