Answers in Genesis Family Conference, Branson, MO

Mike teaching the youth at the AiG Family Conference in Branson, MO

We are having a great time in Branson, MO at the Answers in Genesis Family Conference. We drove about an hour to get here on Monday night after Mike spoke in Springfield, MO and then Mike started speaking to the youth on Tuesday morning at 8:30am. He had 4 sessions during the day entitled: “Words Have Meaning”, “The Dating Game”, “UFOs and Aliens”, and “Little Things Matter”. We had several dads come to Mike before the “Dating” lecture to ask what he was planning to say. They were relieved to hear that it was about rock dating methods rather than “boy/girl” dating. It was a busy day but we managed to have lunch with our very dear friends, the Dr. Jobe Martin family. They have been in ministry for many years and travel together all over the world teaching the truth of God’s Word. You may recognize his name from the video series “Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution” or their newest DVD series ” Creation Proclaims”. You can check these out at Here is a picture of Dr. Jobe at lunch. He ordered one of his childhood favorites: chicken fingers and gravy.

Dr. Jobe Martin and one of his favorite meals

We enjoy going to these conferences to hear other creation speakers and to spend some time with friends. Buddy Davis is a beloved speaker, song writer/gospel singer and dinosaur sculpturer who has been with Answers in Genesis for a long time. We love Buddy and consider him a very talented man. However, he is dependant on his wife, Kay, when anything needs to be done on the computer. That is why we praise God for Kay Davis – what would Buddy do without her?

Thank God for Kay Davis

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